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Message From The President

NCAC has been in existence for more than 27 years. In that period, it has grown in strength, membership, and presence. It continues to have good governance and smooth transitions, even when passionately contested. At the end of March 2021 these current Executives were elected and sworn into office for a two-year period as stipulated by the bylaws. As president, it is an honour to receive the baton to advance the cause of the Association and uphold the pride of place that NCAC occupies today.

During this tenure, I and the Executive Committee have a bold agenda for the Association. Some of it is to facilitate a quick recovery post the COVID-19 pandemic but a significant part of it is to reposition the Association to be more agile, more inclusive, and more visible. To that extent, I share here the four-point agenda of this executive team:

Re-energizing the Community

Like every community around the world, NCAC has been challenged to keep the members well served and supported in the usual ways. This goal is to put some energy back into the community. We will find seasons-appropriate avenue for socialization, while maintaining focus on our signature big events. We will create and sustain continuing engagements by exploring new social activities and continuous improvement opportunities.

We will increase the participation of the younger demographics of Nigerians in Calgary while stepping up the engagement of existing members. We will establish regular check-ins with the community, especially at this unusual time. We will establish a mechanism for reaching out to Nigerian newcomers to the City.

Rebuilding Financial Strength

We will explore ways to raise revenue for the Association. We will identify and reduce or eliminate any unnecessary expenditures. We will apply the best accounting standards to govern our activities, relying on the recently approved Financial Policy and Procedures.

Increasing External Profile/Influence

We will connect to Common Interest groups, be they government sponsored or other non-governmental groups. We will profile and showcase Nigerian-owned business and high achievers in the community. We will increase visibility of NCAC to governments and the public using all the tools at our disposal.

Modernizing Administration

We will maintain base business in records keeping, meetings, budgeting, and reporting. Additionally, we will digitize recordkeeping and reporting; optimize our web presence and social media platforms; and structure our documents management. We will make online payments and banking smart and user-friendly, eliminating paperwork as appropriate. We will optimize the operations of humanitarian services. We will improve the functionality of Nigerian House and make our phone and internet systems efficient and reachable.

Several initiatives/projects are in the works to advance the agenda, but we welcome all suggestions, feedback, contributions, and participation by every member of the Association and well-meaning members of the public to improve the pace and reach.

Together, we will achieve more. This is our promise, to work arduously with all members of the community to take this organization to the next level.

Long live NCAC! Long live Canada!! Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


Patrick Etokudo

President (2021 – 2023)