Passport Update

Update From The Office of the President

I and the other members of the Executive Committee of NCAC have received several enquiries about the above exercise and when the new/renewed passports will be received. We have been in constant contact with the Nigerian High Commission, Ottawa since the biometrics capture, to follow up on behalf of all those who participated in the intervention.

The latest update that we have is that the home office in Abuja took longer than expected as a result of the high number of applicants. As you may recollect, we had about 3 times the usual number this time around. However, the High Commission has received the needed approvals and is starting the needed processing of the booklets. They expect that the passports will start being mailed out in a couple of weeks.

I hope that this answers any questions that you may have, but do not hesitate to contact the High Commission directly if you have specific individual questions.


Patrick Etokudo


The Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary (NCAC)