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Consular Services: Issuance and Renewal of Nigerian Passport in Calgary

The executive of the NCAC has once again concluded arrangements with the Nigeria High Commission Ottawa to render passport issuance/renewal servicesin Calgary.

This service is primarily for NCAC members and their families in good financial standing as at April 30th, 2019. Non-members are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity. Applicable fees for members and non-members are listed below. Please note the following:

  1. Participating in this exercise is optional, applicants have the choice to have their passports issued or renewed at the Nigerian High commission in Ottawa.

  2. NCAC is only facilitating the passport intervention exercise, hence all enquiries should be directed to the Nigerian High Commission and not the volunteers helping with this exercise. 

Execution of interventions in Calgary by the NCAC in conjunction with the Nigerian High Commission has resulted in over $800,000 savings for our community. This included all associated cost of travelling to Ottawa to obtain Nigerian passport. It is our expectation that this initiative would continue to save our community significant amount of money and time.  NCAC is able to deliver our programs at cost effective rates to participants mostly because of members who volunteered their time. Please note that we will require volunteers for this program, we’ll communicate this in a separate email. 

2. Location

All appointments to collect documents and meet with embassy officials will take place at the Nigeria House located at: 319, 3132 26th Street NE, Calgary

3. The Fees

In addition to the fees payable on the Nigerian High Commission portal, the following fees shall apply:


$100 application fee per family and $150 administrative fee per applicant
(e.g: A member with a family of 5 would pay $850.  From our estimates same family travelling to Ottawa would have spent around $3,000)


$100 application fee per family and $200 administrative fee per applicant
(e.g A non-member with a family of 5 would pay $1100)
This money is payable when applicants are presenting documents to the NCAC.  

You can pay with cash, bank draft payable to Nigerian Canadian Association of Calgary or Credit Card( Not Debit)

 You can pay with bank draft payable to Nigerian Canadian Association of CalgaryCredit Card, Debit Card or Cash

3. Important Dates:

November 29th:

Registration for the passport intervention closes at midnight MST

November 29th - November 30th:
Documents collection at the Nigeria House. THIS IS BASED ON APPOINTMENT ONLY. You will receive your appointment date once registration is completed. Appointment dates will be sent out to the email addresses provided during the registration process. Please do not contact us for appointment schedules prior to November 29th.

December 6th - 8th
Appointments with embassy officials to complete the process and have bio-metrics taken. This is strictly based on appointments to be scheduled once documents have been vetted by the embassy and a green light has been given. You will receive another appointment date for this meeting.
4. The Process
Please click on the link below to access the procedure for E-Passport application.

E-Passport Application Procedures and Requirements

The procedure outlines how to access the application form; fees to be paid and other information needed for the application. Please note that you need to complete all the steps and complete the NCAC passport registration form located at this link

Also remember to include a pre-paid self addressed express post envelope (MARKED NATIONAL NOT REGIONAL) to ship your passport back to you.