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    The Nigerian-Canadian Association of Calgary (NCAC) is a non-profit and non-political association established in January 1993, with it’s center of activities and headquarters based in the NE of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Upon acceptance of an application to join the Association, a new Member shall immediately pay a non-refundable one-off registration fee to the Association. Subject to the amendment of the Bylaw in future, unless and until changed by a two-third (2/3) majority vote of Members in attendance at an Annual General Meeting at which a new Executive is being elected, the applicable registration fee shall be as follows:
    (i) Resident Member:
    A. Single: $25.00
    B. Family: $45.00
    (ii) Affiliate Member: $110.00

    Passport Intervention occurs twice a year. It is typically done around June and December.
    This service is primarily for NCAC members and their families in good financial standing as at May 31st, of the current year. Non-members are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity. Applicable fees for members and non-members varies. Please note the following:
    Participating in this exercise is optional, applicants have the choice to have their passports issued or renewed at the Nigerian High Commission in Ottawa.
    NCAC is only facilitating the passport intervention exercise, hence all enquiries should be directed to the Nigerian High Commission and not the volunteers helping with this exercise. To date, past interventions executed by the NCAC in conjunction with the Nigerian High Commission have saved our community over $600,000. This included all associated cost of travelling to Ottawa to obtain Nigerian passport. It is our expectation that this initiative would continue to save our community significant amount of money and time. NCAC is able to deliver our programs at cost effective rates to participants mostly from the precious time contributions of our dedicated volunteers. Please we will need volunteers for the 4 days that we will execute this program.

    Membership in Good Standing, refers to a voting Member who meets the following requirements:
    (i) was fully registered Member of the Association after December 31, 2015 and was admitted as a member by a majority vote of Members at an Annual General Meeting of the Association; and
    (ii) has fully paid the current year’s annual Membership Fee.

    Membership of the Association is open to any individual, family, ethnic or professional association of Nigerian heritage as well as any person in Alberta who is of the full age of 18 years who applies to be a member of the Association and has received a favourable vote passed by a majority of the members at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, and upon payment of the approved Membership fee

    The following benefits are available to Members in Good Standing:

    • Bereavement Support
    • Birth announcement
    • Wedding
    • Scholarships
    • Bursaries
    • Subsidized tickets 
    • entry fees for members
    • Attendance to members’ only functions
    • Subsidized rates for use of the NCAC’s facilities
    • Holding any elective office in the Association including but not limited to Executive and Board positions
    • Serving in any committee of the Association
    • Representing the Association in any manner
    • Letters of reference

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    Ways you can help our community
    1. Get involved as a volunteer:
    There are plenty of opportunities out there if you look out for them. If you’re considering ways to get involved in the community as a volunteer, but have little time to spare, look out for flexible roles that can fit around your needs.
    To find volunteering opportunities at NCAC contact any of the NCAC excutives.
    2. Golf Charity Tournament:
    Sign up for NCAC Annual Golf Charity Tournament
    3. Donate Money:
    If you’ve got small change to hand, you could give this to NCAC, it will go a long way in helping us reach our goals.
    4. Donate Items:
    Donate old items you no longer need to new members in our community. It all helps.

    If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

    Email us at:

    call us at: (403) 291-9234

    Vist us at: Nigerian Canadian Community House #319, 3132-26th Street NE Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 6Z1

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